Garden Calendar

The next meeting is Monday, October 12 at 7pm in the garden. The next work day is Saturday, October 17, 11-3pm. Check our home page for event news and details throughout the season, including an afternoon Halloween pumpkin carving party.

Open Hours: Wherever the calendar lists "Open Hours" without a name, we need a member to host. To sign up, email greene.acres @ gmail dot com with the date you will host. Every member must host ten scheduled open hours (actual hours, not sessions) each year. You can sign up for a portion of the long Saturday slot. Please keep the gate open and the open sign displayed.

Hosting events: Members who work, pay dues and host open hours may hold personal events like BBQs. The garden must remain open to the public during these gatherings. Check the calendar for available dates, then email greene.acres @ gmail dot com to schedule your event. Rules: Please carry all trash home, especially non-compostable food, because it attracts rodents. (For the same reason, no food in the shed, please.) Bag recyclables and carry them home, or stop back to put them on the curb Tuesday night. Bring your own paper goods and charcoal, or replenish supplies you deplete (except lighter fluid; we have plenty). Treat the garden as you would any green space: leave it better than you found it.

Having trouble viewing the calendar? Try looking at it on Google directly. You can also add it to your own calendar software by subscribing to the xml or ical feeds.