Greene Acres is part of the New York Restoration Project, and we are a Green Thumb garden, which means that we are open to the public at least 10 hours a week during the spring, summer and fall. Everyone is welcome to stop in or sit and read under a tree when the garden is open. Children are always welcome, but they must be supervised. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed.

Greene Acres is an organic garden: we don't use chemical pesticides or fertilizer anywhere in the garden.

Members are required to help maintain common areas, attend at least two monthly meetings and three work days, pay $20 in dues annually, and host at least 10 open hours per season. To join the garden you must complete six hours of garden work during public hours. Once you have spent some time working in the garden you can join at any garden meeting or work day. Once you are a member, you can get on the waiting list for your own plot, but if you don't have your own plot or don't have time to care for one, 2/3 of the garden is set aside as common space that everyone can tend.