Compost Membership

Looking for a place to drop kitchen scraps? You can join Greene Acres as a composting member. You won't have to attend meetings or host open hours, but you will have to help on at least one composting work day per year. If you actively help maintain the bins and turn the compost, you can take a bit home for your own use. A compost membership gets you a key to the garden and costs $5 per year, which we use to pay for keys, signs, outreach and hardware.

Only add kitchen waste to the metal bins near the gate. Cover your scraps with a layer of sawdust. Make sure you replace the lid; it keeps the rats out. Chopped-up scraps are best. Yard waste should go in the big open bins and large mulch pile.

Okay to compost:
Vegetable scraps, fruit peels, coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, dirty napkins, bread/grains/cereal, egg shells, paper plates.

Not okay:
Pet waste, kitty litter, dairy, bones, meat, fish, grease, plastic bags, rubber bands, foam trays, plastic plates, broken glass, bbq ashes, pearlite, seeds with weeds, diseased plants, "green" diapers, pepperoni pizza.