Bylaws and Guidelines

Bylaws May 2004

Greene Acres Community Garden
Bylaws: May, 2004

Article I. Name: The garden on the corner of Greene and Franklin Avenues, block 1953, lots 41-47 is named the Greene Acres Community Garden.

Article II. Purpose: The Greene Acres Community Garden is a community garden, an organic garden, and a public space. Our mission is to improve our own neighborhood by growing food and flora in a vacant lot and to educate ourselves and our neighbors about organic gardening. New members are welcome and the garden is open to the public during hours that are posted. We are affiliated with both Brooklyn Greenbridge and Project Greenthumb. We are also part of the New York Restoration Project.

Joining the garden and getting a plot

To join the garden, you should work 6 hours in the garden during one or more work days and pay dues ($20 per adult member.) Work days are held the Saturday following the second Monday of each month (i.e. the Saturday following the meeting), and are listed on our calendar. If you cannot make a work day, you can work during open hours with coverage, or arrange another time with a garden member. Tasks are decided at the meeting and posted beforehand to our email list, but always include picking up trash, pulling weeds, filling the water barrels, and watering the trees. Our ongoing tasks list is also posted in the shed. Let a gardener know that you are working towards membership and log your hours in the book in the shed.