General Information


Greene Acres Community Garden is located on the corner of Franklin and Greene Avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The Garden has also been known as Frank Greene Garden, Franklin Avenue Community Center, Sunflower Garden for People, Revolutionary Garden Workers Collective, and, not long ago, the Empty Lot on the Corner.

May meeting and work day

The next meeting is Monday, May 12 at 7pm in the garden. The next work day is Saturday, May 17 from 11-3. All are welcome.

The chickens

In the fall of 2012, Greene Acres took in some chickens. They quickly befriended members and visitors to the garden. Their caretakers, Lily and Grace, answered some common questions (PDF) about the birds. Everyone is welcome to visit, hold them (ask a gardener for help or see the signs on the coop) and feed them kale.

Garden Plan

Jonathan created this scale plan of the garden in 2009. Elizabeth updated it in 2012 with plot numbers and the addition of plot 25.

The Benefits of Having an Organic Garden

I'm a freelance writer who has a growing interest in organic gardens. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a term paper on the benefits organic gardens have on everything and everyone. Here is a summary of my work. May it inspire you to share my new-found passion.

1. Organic gardens are grown without the use of chemicals, making their crops and animals healthier and tastier for all of us.

The Pond at Greene Acres

Greene Acres gardeners dug our pond during the summer of 2004, with the help of the New York Restoration Project. The dry stream bed leading to the pond funnels excess runoff from the rainwater collection tank into the pond.

We working to create a self-contained ecosystem where all parts of the pond (fish, plants, snails, frogs, algae) have everything they need to survive. At this beginning stage it's all pretty delicate. If anyone sees someone feeding the fish or putting things into the pond, please ask them to stop. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help, so get in touch with Masha, our "pond scientist" to find out more about what is going on with the pond.